Some things you should know about the law on the Italian real estate brokerage

A) In Italy real estate broker commissions are recognized only to persons legally authorized in possession of insurance authorization under the law 372/1989 n°39.

B) It is advisable to always ask the person who assists you if it is a real estate agent legally recognized by the Italian law and if it is in possession of the card personal identification issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

C) The real estate agent has obligations and having towards the client, must be professional and know the laws that go to protect its customers. The advice is therefore to be wary and not to accept assistance from unauthorized persons also avoid unpleasant problems of legal, tax and financial.

D) In Italy the real estate agent has the right to mediation by both sides, from those who sell/rent or who buys/rents. This is also a guarantee of neutrality of the professional.

E) Who is not in possession of the permits is not entitled to mediation.

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